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Tantra Yoga is a way of evolution in its own right. The goal is the awakening of our personal power through the expansion of our consciousness. This practice is based on the adoration and manifestation of universal energy (Shakti), the union of the male and female polarities, of the light and the darkness animating every existence.

Kama means "desire" in Sanskrit, designating on the one hand the pleasure it can generate and which is used to experience higher states of consciousness, on the other hand this ultimate source of motivation, the powerful impulse that drives us to act in the sense of our instincts, which mastered allows us to stimulate the awakening of our personal power.

Tantra Yoga is a philosophy of life and being, a mode of thought and action, based on the search for bliss on all levels, nourishing both the body and the soul. Not through an chaotic and desperate research of emotional or carnal satisfaction, but by realizing that each fully lived moment is a source of profound enjoyment.

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Teacher and therapist, experienced energeticist and tantrika practitioner, I would like to offer you all the richness and authenticity of the noble way of Tantra Yoga, both through my teaching and the art of massage, which I practice since many years.

Good to know :

  • Spiritual guidance from a Yogi and Tantric Master.
  • Regularly initiated at various stages of mastering during intensive retreats.
  • Practicing several yogic and tantric meditative techniques.
  • Use of mudras, mantras, nyasas and pranayama, stimulation of chakras, bhakti, shaktipat through the ritualization and sacralization of tantric massages.
  • My practices are also inspired by major Tantric texts, such as the Bhagavad-Gita, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the Advaya Taraka Upanishad, the Mandala Brahmana Upanishad or the Sat Chakra Nirupana.
  • Trained in Californian massage, lomi-lomi (Hawaiian massage), Taoist energetic and introduced to plantar reflexology Ingham, I regularly train new techniques of massage. 

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The ancestral teaching of Tantra Yoga put into practice allows you to find a real fulfillment in all areas of your life : work, studies, family, relationships, couple, but also health in the broad sense and personal development. Your relationship to yourself and to others will be positively transformed, and you will also finally awake your full potential, your personal power asleep deeply within you.

A multitude of meditative and energetic techniques will be taught in order to teach you to master your psyche, in other words your feelings, emotions and instincts. In the course of the lessons, we will see the art of mantras (recitation of incantations), the essential work of pranayama (to learn to direct life force, among others breathing), how to unknot and stimulate chakras (psycho-sensory centers), and a lot of other yogic and tantric practices.

So, Tantra Yoga is not a kind of gymnastic neither a way to eroticise its daily life as some try to make you believe, but a set of disciplines and techniques whose goal is the awakening in the broad sense, which passes through the development of the mastery of the psyche. Obviously, this teaching has nothing to do with massage lessons : without the mastery of the psyche, again, it is impossible to learn tantric massage, which is not a matter of techniques but of awakened consciousness. Beware of charlatans!

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The Bhakti massages, devotional care by excellence, are addressed to all because of their non-aggressive and pain-free touch, the absence of contact with the genital area, and their action on the psyche rather than the physical (which it nevertheless relaxes by consequence). Therefore we go back directly to the source of the uneasiness, because all the tensions of the body are rooted in the chaos of our feelings, our emotions and our instincts.

Combining techniques from ancient yoga and relaxing massage (Californian for a soothing effect, Tao for a more stimulating effect), the whole body (except the genital area) is carefully massaged with ample and enveloping movements.

Bhakti massage takes place on a table and you will be covered with a pareo (provided) throughout the session. A single-use underwear will be offered to you. This massage is not naturist and no erotic.

Your attitude : during the massage, close your eyes, don't move, don't talk, in one word, stay relax and don't try to control anything. My skin will of course come into contact with yours, but touching me deliberately is not allowed.

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True Tantric massage is a sacred act, a multi-millennial ritual of adoration, a shared and guided meditation, while you will be worn and wrapped with sensuality and infinite tenderness. Although absolutely integral and without omission of the smallest part of your body, its finality is not sexual satisfaction : the intense pleasure generated by this devotional (manual) touch will be used as a lever allowing you to let go. You will be deeply reconnected to yourself (and to your partner in the massage for couple), and finally experiment a gradual awakening of your personal energy as well as your consciousness.

What impact the tantric massage? On absolutely every plan of being: it relaxes your body and evacuates all stress, it soothes emotions and brings you peace, it calms your mind and balances the sentimental sphere. Let yourself be carried away by this massage in a state of complete passivity and receptivity, and it will at the same time untie all your tensions, whatever origin it may be, and at the same time deeply stimulate your vital energy.

Tantric massage takes place on a futon, and is practiced in pareo (provided) during the first part, the second part being naturist (the pareos will be removed by me only). This massage is of course complete (yoni/linga massage included) but not erotic.

Your attitude : during the massage, close your eyes, don't move, don't talk, in one word, stay relax and don't try to control anything. My skin will of course come into contact with yours, but touching me deliberately is not allowed.

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The teaching session – 120 CHF (1h) 
Pack of 3 teaching sessions - 300 CHF (3x1h)*
Pack of 10 teaching sessions - 900 CHF (10x1h)* 

Full Bhakti massage – 130 CHF (1h)
Partial Bhakti massage – 100 CHF (40')
Foot Bhakti massage – 60 CHF (20')

Individual Tantra massage – 280 CHF (1h30) – 350 CHF (2h)
Tantra massage for couple – 400 CHF (2h)

* maximum 1 month between two sessions.

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Place and appointment

I receive you exclusively on appointment, between 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday, and between 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

The Kama Tantra Yoga center is a private place, not something collective, so it's me and only me who will give you classes and massages.

The appointments are fixed exclusively by mobile phone and by voice, and this the day before at the latest. Informations and appointments asked by email, sms or whatsapp will not receive any answer, as well as hidden calls. 

Please note that e-mail contacts are aimed at professionals (media, therapists, schools, wellness centers, etc.). New students and patients unable to reach me by phone can leave me a request for reminder by sms or email (thank you for sending me a Swiss or European mobile phone number exclusively)


The payment must be made before the start of any session, whether lesson or massage, in cash or in bitcoins. The currencies accepted are the Swiss franc and the euro. In the case of a payment in euro, exchange fee will be charged.


Massages of the whole body (Tantra and Bhakti 1h) are always preceded by a shower, even if you take one before coming. Soap and towel will of course be available on the spot. If you wish to, you can also take a shower after the massage. Showers are not shared.

Happy ending

Tantric (as well as Bhakti) massage is NOT an erotic massage and are NOT intended to satisfy any sexual expectation. There is therefore no form of "happy ending" here, knowing that yoni/linga massage (only in the Tantra massage, there is no contact with genital area in Bhakti massage) has nothing to do with masturbation : if spontaneous ejaculation doesn't present any problem, it will not be sought either.

Any exchange of caresses, massages or sexual intercourse in any form is absolutely excluded from the sessions (massages and lessons) provided by the Kama Tantra Yoga center.

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Informations and appointments are given at the latest the day before and exclusively by mobile phone (no sms, no whatsapp)